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BAR ON G Lights Up the Night with 11 New Cocktails by Head Mixologist Ale Maraben

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18 July 2023
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The sleek BAR ON G at Fairmont Jakarta presents 11 new signature cocktails inspired by Indonesia’s vibrant ingredients that will satisfy the senses. The bar offers the perfect spot for a rendezvous in an intimate yet relaxed ambiance. From after-work gatherings with colleagues to birthday celebrations with friends, this elegant drinker has a cocktail for every occasion.


Paying homage to the art of fine drinking, the talented Head of Mixologist, Ale, combines Indonesian tales with modern gastronomical techniques that elevate the cocktail experience in Jakarta. Previously in March, he had launched three of his signature cocktails such as Papua In Love – infused with Messoia-wood flavor from Papua, Rarobang Coffee – appreciation of Ambon’s coffee culture, and Taprobana – handcrafted gin with the highlight of Kalamansi from Bengkulu.


Guests can now explore the next chapter of the cocktail menu, featuring 11 drinks woven around the rich cultural heritage and indigenous flavor combinations of eleven regions in Indonesia. Guests can embark on a cocktail journey starting from North Sumatra with the sophisticated Noni Londo, a perfect beverage for gin-lovers with freshness from tamarillo (Terong Belanda) and lemon juice. Tamarillo is widely cultivated in areas surrounding Lake Toba in North Sumatra.



Meanwhile, the Ring of Fire finds its genesis in Jambi, where Mount Kerinci, an active stratovolcano and the highest mountain in Sumatera, is located. The areas surrounding Mount Kerinci produce the best quality cinnamon and cocoa, which are the key ingredients of this aromatic drink. Heading to West Java, Ale infused the Javanese traditional herbal drink Jamu into this creation. Koneng Gede, blends mezcal with lemongrass and temulawak infused soda. The classic jamu Kunyit-Asam, is one of the inspirations for Kunyit, an Aperol blend with turmeric, honey, and brandy.


From the island of the paradise, Bali, Puspa Bangsa, is a combination of gin and arak with a touch of jasmine and Sandat flower, originating in Bali. The Nusa Cendana is a cocktail inspired by the southernmost province of Indonesia, East Nusa Tenggara, that represents coffee culture from Flores and blends with whiskey and a touch of sandalwood scents, and finishing with house-made Se’i Sapi syrup.
Those in the mood for citrusy flavors can enjoy the Khatulistiwa, using fresh orange from Pontianak, which forms the foundation of this layered cocktail – a medley of eggplant fruit, lime, and rum. The Dabu-Dabu Kuah Kuning, inspired by Sulawesi’s local food, invites connoisseurs to savor unique flavor combination. This drink is created from house-made white wine infused with dabu-dabu sambal, served with vermouth, roasted tomato, and topped with lemongrass syrup.


Located on the Ground floor of the Hotel, the sleek bar features masculine leather sofas, dim lighting and traditional wooden panels. This seductive bar is the perfect place to unwind after long day in the city. Grab a table or sit at the bar to chat with mixologists and witness their skills in action. Larger groups can take their seats at the central table looking over at lively views of the entire bar. BAR ON G at Fairmont Jakarta opens daily, from 05:00pm to 01:00am.


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