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“Tempe Tapestry” A Delicious Revolution of Indonesia’s Gastronomy Tradition

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06 July 2023
#Food & Drink

Fairmont Jakarta’s stunning halal Indonesian restaurant, 1945, introduced an all-new Tempe-based menu that thrives on a healthy and sustainable eating experience.

Debuting its new menu, the restaurant collaborates with the renowned Tempe Movement.

This international non-profit organization introduces and increases awareness for Tempe as a sustainable and high-nutrient food, the identity of Indonesia, and its business potential. The collaboration has created a series of menus made of this celebrated staple that is part of the everyday diet for many Indonesian.



The restaurant has learned from the co-founder of Indonesia Tempe Movement, Wida Winarno, a biotechnicians who has studied Tempe as a cautious science. From Ibu Wida, the chefs at 1945 learnt how to make a variety of artisan Tempe and transformed this plant-based protein into signature new dishes. Under the expert hands of Chef de Cuisine, Vicko Hadisatrya, the team incorporate five key elements of beans, including soy, red and black beans, green lentils, and pumpkin seeds. Guests can expect a new sensation when eating 1945’s Tempe-based menu. Chef Vicko explains, “The restaurant aims to break the stigma associated with Tempe by offering exciting dishes that are both healthy and hearty.

After months of trial and with the guidance of Tempe Movement, we’ve perfected our made-from-scratch Tempe recipes. We are excited to present unique and refined Tempe-based dishes that cannot be found elsewhere.”


Founder of Tempe Movement Wida Winarno explains, “Tempe has been a staple protein source in Indonesia since at least the 1700s in Central Java.

Sambal Tumpang (lethok) it’s being the oldest tempe dishes in Indonesia. We are honored to collaborate with 1945 Restaurant at Fairmont Jakarta to bring an exceptional culinary experience that is nutritious and sustainable.” The restaurant’s menu is complemented by a Halal procedure that includes sourcing ingredients from Halal-certified vendors and ensuring that cooking methods and service are according to Halal standards. The dishes are carefully crafted, ideal for sharing, and range from starters like Tempe Nachos and Kroket Tempe to entrée medleys like Gulai Cumi-Tempe served with tempe prawn stuffing and Laksa Tempe with noodles made of Tempe flour. Guests can also end their meal on a sweet note with Tempe Sticky Dates Pudding served with coconut sorbet.


The menu at 1945 Restaurant is designed to appeal to those who want to eat healthily without compromising on taste and flavor. Guests can discover these specialty new dishes every day for lunch and dinner starting 28 June 2023.


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